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MiniDisplay port KVM Switch 4xUSB 2xMiniDisplay port lnputs [AT-MDP21] 

  • 商品番号:BCAK0020450A
  • メーカー:Atlona
  • 品番:AT-MDP21


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MiniDisplay port KVM Switch 4xUSB 2xMiniDisplay port lnputs [AT-MDP21]をはてなブックマークに追加 

MiniDisplay port対応ディスプレイ切り替え器です。2台のMacを1つのディスプレイで共有することが出来、キーボードやマウスなどのUSB機器のスイッチングも可能です。27インチのiMac / Apple LED Cinema Display対応。

※iMac 2011年モデルは動作未検証です。


●MiniDisplay port入力×2
●MiniDisplay port出力×1
●寸法(LxWxH):160mm x 134.8mm x 32mm

●Apple LED Cinema Display 24インチ
●Apple LED Cinema Display 27インチ
●27インチ iMac

●MiniDisplay port ケーブルx2本
●USBケーブル x4本


Atlona 2x1 Mini DisplayPort KVM Switch. Model: AT-MDP21

The Atlona AT-MDP21 is a Mini DisplayPort switcher which allows users to connect up to two Mini DisplayPort computers to a single display. The AT-MDP21 has 2 individual Mini DisplayPort and 4 USB inputs and an individual Mini DisplayPort output to a Display as well as 2 USB outputs for keyboard and a mouse. Supporting digital video resolutions up to 2560x1440, the AT-MDP21 is perfect for users looking to use a single Mini DisplayPort Monitor, such as the Apple 24-inch, 27-inch and iMac 27-inch with multiple Mini DisplayPort computers. The switcher is featured with 2 push-buttons on the front panel which will allow user to select channels # 1 or # 2. The MDP21 is a passive switch without a need of a separate power.

Connection Instructions:

  • Connect supplied Mini DisplayPort cables from your computers to each input on the switch.
  • Connect Supplied 4 x USB Cables (2 x USB cable per computer) from both computers to the switcher USB inputs.
  • Connect Mini DisplayPort monitor to the output of the switch
  • Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Both outputs of the switch
  • Switch between input # 1 and # 2 to verify the signal is going though

Notes: The AT-MDP21 is mainly designed to work with Apple 24-inch and 27-inch LED and iMac 27-inch Display

Note: All Atlona Products which are designed for Mac users are being tested at the Apple Lab in Cupertino to ensure perfect compatibility between all the Apple computers and Displays. Here is a list of all computers we had tested this switcher with. List


  • 2 x Mini DisplayPort inputs and 1mini DisplayPort output KVM Switch.
  • 4 USB inputs and 2 USB outputs.
  • 2 input select buttons on front panel to select the input sources.
  • Passive mechanical Switch, doesn't require power
  • Supports digital video resolutions up to 2560x1440
  • Supports high-speed uncompressed digital video.

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